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Online Ticket Info

Thanks for your interest!

This year, we'll be using our donation page as a way to advance pay. To advance pay, please follow these instructions:
1. Open our donation page,
2. Click on "Donate."
3. There should be a list of amounts. Follow to the bottom of the screen until you find "Enter Another Amount." Enter an amount for how many tickets you are purchasing, so that if you're buying 2 tickets, you will enter $30, and so on. Then click "Continue."
4. You should be at a Page for donor information. Please leave your full name, and in the Comment section, please leave the message "Benefit Concert." If you are buying more than one ticket, then also leave the name of the person you are buying for in the Comment section. 
5. You should be at a page for E-Mail and Postal address. If you would like for us to tell you about fundraising events in the future, please select "I'd like to receive updates from Equality Clinic Augusta.
From there, the rest of the process should be the same as leaving a donation. If you run into any issues in this process, please feel free to contact us by our email or number. We thank you for supporting our clinic, and will be excited to meet you on Nov 10th!