CSRA LGBT Community Assessment

As we continue to serve the LGBT community in the CSRA and surrounding areas, we are hoping to learn more about what our patients' experiences with the healthcare system have been and what you need and want from your healthcare providers. Please consider taking the CSRA LGBT Community Assessment to share your perspective. This will help our clinic improve and address the needs of our patients.

To take the survey please go to www.equalitysurveyCSRA.com or clinic the link above.

Your experiences and opinions matter and will help shape the future of LGBT healthcare in the CSRA! Plus you have the chance of winning Target gift cards or a VIP ticket to Augusta Pride! All you have to do is complete the survey to enter your name!

501(c)(3) Status!

The Equality Clinic of Augusta is now a nonprofit organization! Over the past year, we've been working diligently to achieve this status, and today we succeeded. This will allow us to better serve our community with new resources and opportunities.

This means that any donations to the Equality Clinic are now tax deductible. If you or someone you know are looking for a charitable cause this holiday season, keep us in mind!

Happy Holidays!