We founded the Equality Clinic on the premise that no one should be denied healthcare on account of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

We serve as an LGBTQ-friendly space for those in the CSRA community who are under- or un-insured and fall below 200% of the federal poverty level. We are creating a clinic where patients can receive the care they deserve in a welcoming, open environment. Wherever you fall on the complex spectrums of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual attraction, you can come to Equality Clinic and discuss your specific health needs without fear of judgment or discrimination.

Mission Statement

An interprofessional endeavor dedicated to abolishing barriers to health care, serving the health needs of the underinsured LGBTQ community, and educating current and future providers on cooperative, compassionate patient care.


  1. Create an interprofessional, LGBTQ-focused space to provide compassionate healthcare and engender well-being in the CSRA LGBTQ community

  2. Provide those seeking gender transitioning therapy with the medically-necessary treatment they deserve

  3. Establish a referral network of culturally-competent providers in the CSRA

  4. Establish an interprofessional learning environment for students to learn how to maximize the skill sets associated with their profession and to promote cooperativity between health professionals

  5. Expose health students to the health needs and disparities in the LGBTQ community in order to foster cultural competence in future health care providers